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Mon Jan 30 14:14:59 GMT 2017

permalink documenting Puppet Forge modules

Recently I launched, a new site that publishes documentation for every module on Puppet Forge and GitHub - aka "Puppet Strings as a Service".

This comes after the release of Puppet Strings 1.0.0 which is the latest generation tool to parse Puppet manifests and extract docs in either HTML or JSON formats. It can handle docs at the top of classes, READMEs, parameter lists and descriptions, parameter typing and even types/providers, and replaces the old puppet doc tool.

The site is a fork of the well-known as it uses the same YARD engine to build and documentation, updating it to use Puppet Strings and handle downloads of modules from Puppet Forge. It can display modules from the Forge at:

All of the known modules can be seen on the Puppet Modules index page, which is refreshed hourly from the Forge:

And module docs can also be loaded directly from GitHub checkouts from the GitHub repository listing.

So please start adding links to your modules so users can quickly skip to your published documentation:

[![ docs](](

If you find issues, please report them or send PRs to the repository, but otherwise, I hope you find the documentation easily accessible and useful!


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