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bzr: generic bzr smart protocol error
In case anybody stumbles across this error while trying to use bzr...
$ bzr push bzr+ssh://server/bzr/project/trunk
bzr: ERROR: Generic bzr smart protocol error: bad protocol marker "error\x01Generic bzr smart protocol error: bad request u'bzr request 2'\n"

My client was running:
$ bzr version
Bazaar (bzr) 1.3.1

Yet the server I was pushing to was running Debian Etch and so had:
$ bzr version
Bazaar (bzr) 0.11.0

Updated bzr on the server from the repository with this package and it started working.

Back to understanding how to use the damn program.
OpenDS: the next generation LDAP server
I'd just like to bring a bit of attention to Sun's OpenDS project, an open source LDAP directory server. It's intended to take over from the existing Sun Directory Server product and the team has already released version 1.0 earlier this year.

At work, we've just moved to using OpenDS over OpenLDAP for a few reasons, including (off the top of my head):

  • Virtual attributes and plugins available in the base build to handle lots of common cases such as group support, referential integrity etc. with minimal configuration

  • Platform-independent Java implementation, alleviating our need for native binaries

  • Out of the box SSL-enabled connection handling, with Java keystore support

  • Good, centralised documentation on the wiki and the configuration guide

  • Very responsive team on the mailing list and IRC

It looks to be a promising project and is set to be included in OpenSolaris in the near future, which should lead to a good growth in the community.

I should also add it's really easy to try out - there's a Java Web Start link that can get you running almost instantly and the zip download has everything you need, provided you already have a JRE.

Thank you to the OpenDS team for a great product!
Blog moved using Chronicle
Thanks to Steve Kemp and his great Chronicle blog software.

Within minutes I'd installed it, pulled in the RSS feed from my old LJ blog and generated the new site. It runs from plain text files and simply regenerates the static HTML sitting on the server, removing the need for databases, scripts* and the security holes that come with them!

*Almost. The one exception is a Perl CGI script to accept comments!