An IRC bot for the MMORPG EVE Online that provides notifications and status updates on character skill training. Adapted from Andy Smith's twitfolk bot.

Apocrypha/Dominion: the skill queue introduced in the expansion hasn't been integrated. The CPAN module in the development tip has been changed to xb95's EVEAPI which means this is now possible (and in progress). It also has a slight obsession with scheduled downtime still...

Source code



Perl modules can be installed with CPAN (cpan WebService::EveOnline) or your system's package manager:

If you're using the development tip release, the following modules are required instead. These will later become the requirements for the released version.


Copy skillbot.friends.sample to skillbot.friends and add one line per account with columns separated by whitespace:

API_user_id    API_key                  IRC_nickname    timezone          character_name
123456         ABCDEF1234...789ABCDEF   MyNickname      Europe/London
987654         12792DEABE...ABCD56745   AnotherNick     America/Chicago   My Character

If the timezone isn't supplied, UTC will be used. If the character name isn't supplied, all account characters will be added.

Copy skillbot.conf.samples to skillbot.conf and set the IRC server details.

To load it, just run perl or IRC_DEBUG=1 perl to keep it in the foreground with debug output.


Two commands work in the channel, !eta and !next.

The !eta command shows the skill and completion time for any of your characters (based on your nickname), for a specific character if supplied (!eta My Char), or for all known characters (!eta all or !eta *).

The !next command shows the remaining time for all characters with skills in training.


<@Omnix> !eta
<+SkillBot> hfo Omnix: Currently training Electronics Upgrades 3 (finish in 0d 03h 47m 55s, Saturday 21:27 GMT)
<+SkillBot> Omnix: hfo Omnix has completed training skill Electronics Upgrades 3
<@Omnix> !next
<+SkillBot> Training: Char 1 (0d 09h 10m 53s) | Char 2 (1d 07h 35m 02s) | hfo Omnix (8d 01h 35m 52s)
<+SkillBot> Omnix: Completion time of Char 2's Learning 5 skill will coincide with scheduled downtime at Fri Feb 27 11:02:27 2009