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Mon, 15 Aug 2011 23:01:15 BST

permalink OggCamp 11 highlights

OggCamp 11 is over after a long, but great weekend. My personal highlights had to be:
  • Lorna Jane Mitchell, speaking on open source in your career. A well-prepared and insightful talk about how open source and community-based work she'd done in her spare time had helped her out in business many times. She highlighted the need to blog and how both organising and speaking at community conferences had landed her a variety of jobs and allowed her to move into new areas without previous work experience. Excellent last year and excellent again this time.
  • Gordon Pearce showed his lysdr project, an implementation of a Software Defined Radio (SDR) with easy GUI-based tuning and filtering features. It uses JACK for connecting up audio and can use an inexpensive hardware module for the RF side (there are lots of kits and some prebuilt USB components available).
  • Edd took apart an example shellcode payload, of the sort that would be executed on a compromised host to gain shell access. The talk was an expansion of his blog post and showed off the neat radare2 tool for disassembly of binaries, while demonstrating how self-modifying code was done.
Thanks to all the OggCamp volunteers for putting it on!

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