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Mon, 04 Feb 2013 22:49:58 GMT

permalink Introducing tests for Augeas resources in Puppet

Augeas resources in Puppet have always been a bit of a black box, as they use somewhat esoteric commands (based on augtool, but with a different parser), are often not idempotent without some work, and are difficult to test.

Last year I wrote about a small test framework I'd written for augeasproviders, a set of new types and providers. These tools allowed me to check the providers were making the change correctly and were idempotent.

Before his talk on testing Puppet modules at Puppet Camp Ghent, vStone asked me about testing Augeas resources in the same way, so I decided to refactor this code into a new extension for Tim Sharpe's rspec-puppet tool, so it could be used against resources in manifests.

rspec-puppet-augeas is a small gem you can install to run Augeas resources inside your rspec-puppet tests. It runs the resource against as many test fixture(s) as you like, then runs it again to make sure it's idempotent. It can provide debug output from the provider when it goes wrong, and adds many file inspection tools to check it went right.

The README has info on setting up (it's quick) and I've published an example module showing how it should look. There are lots of examples showing off each feature inside the project tests themselves.

Feedback gratefully received. File issues, PRs or contact me on IRC.


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